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Remutaka Conservation Trust Projects

Kiwi being released into the Rimutaka Forest Park

One of our recently released kiwi, Te Kahu O Kokiri, climbs a kidney fern-covered tree soon after being given her freedom. (Click for more details about our kiwi project). Photo credit: Jörg

Active Key Projects

Kiwi Project

Commencing in 2003 - and with the release of 6 original foundation population birds in May, 2006, our Kiwi Project has clearly captivated the hearts and minds of huge numbers of school children and the broader local community...(More)

Catchpool Restoration Project

When the pine forests planted on the hills surrounding the Catchpool Valley were clear-felled recently, many local residents felt that the resulting denuded hills and gullies were an eyesore. This project aims to give Nature a helping hand to speed up the reforestation of the valley and hillsides with native plants and trees in order to restore the original biodiversity and to provide a healthy habitat for native species...(More)

Bat Survey

Are native NZ bats still present in the Remutaka Forest Park? This new survey conducted by Fanny Leduc will systematically search the most likely habitats for each species within the Park to see if any remaining populations of bats exist...(More)

Completed Projects

Dawn Chorus

For more than eighteen years, restoring the "Dawn Chorus" of native birds to the Remutaka Forest Park was one of our major ongoing projects... (More)

Education Resource Kits

Our Conservation Education Resource Kits are primarily aimed to support teachers and students to enhance learning and time spent in 4 key areas...(More

To deliver new initiatives we are always looking for keen volunteers - especially those who are as passionate as we are about conservation - to help with and/ or manage new projects. If you would like to join us, click here, or call Rosemary Thompson, our Volunteers Coordinator,  on (04) 569 4764.

North Island Brown Kiwi Want to hear what a male Brown Kiwi sounds like? Here are two of them calling to each other on the first night of their release into the Remutaka Forest Park. (848kb wav Recording, courtesy S. Ellis) Click the kiwi to play...