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Kiwi Spy

Our resident Kiwi Project Gadget Man, Alan Thompson, has come up with yet another brilliant solution to a real-world conservation practitioner's problem!

Using off-the-shelf components and good old Kiwi ingenuity, Alan has created and refined  a device that will allow our trackers to locate their target without having to do it all by touch and feel. (Much less stressful, if you're putting your bare hands into a nesting penguin's burrow, especially!)

This is an affordable, safe & reliable solution to many potentially hazardous scenarios where you need an alternative to "touch and feel" in dark places which may harbour venomous or other cranky creatures! 

For more in-depth information about Alan Thompson's Kiwi Spy  device, read the Kiwi Spy (Mark II) Operating Manual. (Adobe .pdf document - approx 177kb)

Key Features: